Yes, You are Beautiful to Him!

I know, you probably don’t think you are that attractive.  You wonder what he sees in

Beauty at any Age

Beauty at any Age

you.  Why would he want to look at you?  Let’s face it, most of us (men and women) don’t think we are all that attractive. If you are over 30, you probably don’t think you look as good as you used to.  Want to know a secret, I am willing to be a Starbucks Venti, (sorry, I am not a big gambler) that he loves the way you look and finds you as desirable now as the day he married you.  There are a couple of reasons for that, which I would like to share with you:

The first reason is quite simple – He loves you.  He married you and part of the reason that he married you is that he found you attractive.  As you have aged, you have most likely grown even more attractive.  You see, as we men get older our tastes in women mature.  We may still notice 20 year old women, but they do not hold the same thrill that they once did.

The second reason is profound – There is no substitute for those years that you have spent together. That time of growing closer, that richness and maturity of love.  The knowledge that you have given yourself to one other during the years of marriage also increases attraction.  When I look at my wife I see a woman who not only has spent the last 25+ years with me, but also the woman who carried our children in her body, who nursed them at her breasts, who stayed up or got up many nights to take care of sick kids so I could sleep and go to work the next day.  The age that I see on my wife’s face are signs of love and they are marks of beauty. They make her more attractive to me than any other woman in the world.

Who can deny this beauty

Who can deny this beauty

Another thing that is important to remember is men all have different tastes when it comes to what attracts us in women.  To be perfectly honest, many of the actresses and models out there that I see on TV and the net that are very popular mystify me.  I don’t understand why they are so popular, why people go gaga over them.  In many of those cases, I personally know dozens of women who are much prettier than than these supposed beauties.  (Yes, I rank my wife at the top of all of those lists.  First of all she is beautiful, second I love her and that would put her to the top no matter what.) Chances are if you got a dozen men together and asked them to rank 10 women prettiest to least pretty, you would find those lists quite a bit different.  Some guys like super fit, in shape women, some find that type disgusting and they want a curry woman.  For the record, I love gray hair and I can’t wait for my wife to get more gray hair. She is in her forties only has a handful.  I hope I can keep her from ever dying her hair. 

A Smile that could melt any room.

A Smile that could melt any room.

Never, ever underestimate the power of a smile – one that starts in the eyes and lightsup the whole face or the power of a twinkle in your eyes.  In reality, personality will almost always trump everything, except love.

Remember this, when you truly love each other, when you are actively showing that love to one another, your husband will look at you through the eyes of love and you will be the most beautiful woman in the world to him. 

Ladies one last piece of advice: When your husband tells you, you are beautiful.  Don’t argue with him, accept it as a gift from him.  Don’t worry if he is saying it because it is true, or because it is out of love, or because he wants to flatter you, just accept the compliment.  If he thinks enough of you to say, don’t argue with him.  If you argue with him too much about it, he may stop saying it.

Author’s Note: I just read a wonderful post by Catherine of Passion8Freedom about ladies and body image.  I would recommend that you click on the link and go give it a read also.  Thank you Catherine for writing a wonderful article! Power of Our Thoughts


2 thoughts on “Yes, You are Beautiful to Him!

  1. I like your blog! I just got your email through my contact page. Hilarious. Yes, I should think about becoming a triathlete now that I’m halfway to the “swimming” part! Funny. I’m looking forward to reading more from you and checking out your blog. Blessings!

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