How To Deal With Poor Hygiene: A Wife’s Guide To Getting Hubby Clean

smelly-_tjbqI know this will not apply to all guys, since I know some guys that shower multiple times a day, but I know some that, well shall we say need to shower more.  I know that most of the time, the thought of making love to a man who is grimy and smelly is very appealing (I will  mention this in though, my wife hates to sweat, but when she does, I often find it desirable, I love to lick her neck and have that salty taste from a little sweat, I find it almost intoxicating.  In fairness though, she does not have a strong BO scent then, if she did, I don’t think it would desirable.)     Here are a few things that may work and you may not have to say a wordHow how do you deal with a smelly husband? either.  After all actions do speak louder than words.

If he gets amorous with you when he is less than fresh, tell him you want to do contemporary-showerssomething special.  Grab him by the hand and take him to the shower, get both of you naked (you may want to give him a little show) and go into the shower and use the soap & shampoo as a source of fun, foreplay and cleaning.  You could either give him a happy ending in the shower or whisk him off to bed where you could get down to some seriously clean fun.

Another trick, if you don’t want to get too wet yourself, join him in the bath room just as he is coming out of the shower.  Help dry him off and kiss and lick him all over.  Spend some extra time kissing, licking, and anything else that comes to mind to his genitals and tell him with a big smile, how much you love how he tastes and smells when he comes out of the shower.

If you make it a reward for him to be clean when he comes to bed, I bet he will come to bed clean a lot more often.  It probably will not take him too long to get the correlation between good hygiene and getting his world rocked by you.

Simple? Really it is.  Most of us are much more easily motivated by positive reinforcement than we ever are by negative consequences.  If you are a little shy about the suggestions above, then just flat out tell him, you are more likely to Rock His World when he is clean than you are when he is not.


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