What Makes a Nice Night: It Might Surprise You!

park benchI have been thinking lately, “What is it that makes a great night with my wife?”  As I thought about it, I really had to wrestle with it, since we have had some many great nights together, I wanted to know what they had in common.

The more I thought about it, the easier it got.  The nights that I enjoy most are the nights that we connect.  Sometimes it is a date out, sometimes it is a date in, but either way, it is on those nights when we truly talk to one another and it is so sweet.  Sometimes the holdinghandstalk is about important things, but most of the time it is not all business, but rather enjoyable topics, hopes and dreams, stuff the kids did, memories of other times, and silly things.  Most of all it is expressions of love, some silly, some flirty, some cuddly, some romantic, and some passionate.

Does it always lead to making love? No, it happens some of the couple-talkingtime, but not all of it by any means.  It is about closeness, it is about connecting.  It is those nights more than any other that draw us close together.

Take that time for each other, it will help you grow closer and it will help you to keep both of your world’s rocked all the time!


2 thoughts on “What Makes a Nice Night: It Might Surprise You!

  1. Excellent post! True growth comes by intimate time together. Intimacy certainly does not mean sex. Intimacy equals closeness as you state.
    Also, if a person reflects back over their marriage from a distant view ( 30 – 40 years into it) they will never speak of extra overtime or other mundane efforts. when you ask a couple who has been married many years what they remember about their marriage, they will reflect through the times like what you mentioned in this post. Intimate closeness. This is a great definition for how I look at romance.


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