Other Ways to Show Love

Most of us have thought about different ways to express love to the ones that we love.  I want to share a few ideas about ways to make your husband feel loved.

Show him respect to your husband and teach your children to respect him also.  I Respectthink this is a huge one today.  We live in a world where there is so much disrespect.  Respect is something we crave, we don’t like it when people dismiss us, our opinions, or our actions as being worthless.  We all want people in general and our families specifically to give honest, careful consideration to our actions.  We don’t often get it in the world, but we crave it from our family. (PeacefulWife.com has a couple of posts that you may want to check out on this topic.5 Ways Wives Unwittingly Disrespect Their Husbands & Husbands Share What is Disrespectful to Them)

Tell him that he is special to you. Most guys are used to hearing “I love you,” from their wife.  It is common, expected, and sometimes said out of habit more than out of genuine feeling. (At the very least guys worry it is said out of habit whether it really is or not.) However, when a wife says, “You are really special to me,” it makes him feel awesome.  It makes him think, “Wow, she really does care, she really does like me and love me.” Want to take it up a notch? Tell him you crave him!  That will Rock His World!

Presents are always nice: It does not have to be big expensive ones, just something CLIF Builder's Cookies & Cream Bar Closethat shows you are thinking about him and want to do something nice for him.  When my wife buys me a couple of my favorite energy/protein bars (Cliff: Builder Bars) or drops a Slushi by my office, I love it.  It shows that she is thinking of me and who does not like to be thought of?

Time with him, doing something he likes: I don’t watch a lot of sports on TV, on an average weekend, I may see a half of a football game and that is normally comprised of watching a few minutes of games on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  The one denver-broncos-wallpaper__400x250exception is if we are getting the Denver Bronco game.  Then I will probably sit and watch the whole game, only moving to get another diet Dr. Pepper or some snacks.  The Broncos are a family event, the boys are even more into them than me.  My wife likes them, but normally has something else she would rather do than watch them with me.  I love it however, when she says, “Forget the other stuff.” and pulls out the blanket and cuddles up with me on the couch to watch the game.  It is a treat, even if she does fall asleep and I can’t cheer as loud for the touchdowns as I would if she was not there.  The same thing is true when she watches a movie that I like and she really does not care about or even a bigger sacrifice, she watches a Marathon with me.  It is one of the things that she does to show me that she cares about me and that she loves me.

Something written down that he can keep.  My wife bought a blank book a couple of years ago and about every month or so, she writes in it and then leaves it on my pillow.  It is so nice to see something written that I know I can read later on when I am feeling down.  She normally tells me two things, that she loves me and what she appreciates about me.  It is nice to feel appreciate!

If you are still not sure what to do – ASK HIM!  He would be thrilled to know that you are thinking of him enough that you want to do something to reward him.  If you ask him, don’t let him say, “You don’t need to do anything.”  Tell him, that you want to do something nice for him.  You plan to do it periodically and you want to know what he would like.  Just make sure if you ask him, you do something soon for him.  You don’t want to get his hopes up and then not do anything.

Some other things that are nice:

  • A Massage (You may want to read my post about The Ultimate Message)
  • His Favorite Dinner.
  • A date – just the two of you, ask him out, take care of everything.
  • Doing some of his chores.
  • Dinner or lunch at a place he likes.
  • Letting sleep in.
  • Taking him out for a treat: An ice cream date, a coffee date…

You are only limited by your imagination. Many of the things you can do are low cost or no cost.


8 thoughts on “Other Ways to Show Love

  1. Yes we do! But according to stats we are heading into the group that is the highest rate of divorce 25+ years. Dr. Gary Thomas says, the highest level of marital satisfaction, surprisingly surpassing even the honeymoon phase, is after 25 years of marriage.

    Hubby and I talk about this often. We’ve done the hard work of getting to where we are and we are now getting into the really good fruit of our work, there’s no way we are going to give it up!

    • I had not heard that stat. I may have to do a little looking into it, like why is that happening. I have put too much into this to want to allow it to fail now. Hoping for a little more fun and laughter after the kids go off to college!

      • Much prayer is needed. Keeping these marriages together is important. It is important that the next generation sees that marriages can work, that a lifetime commitment is possible and that it can be happy. If we can’t keep our marriages intact, they will not think it is possible.

  2. Loved this!! I don’t know if you are a carbon copy of my husband or if it is ‘profiling’ to assume that all men like these things – but I think they do!

    I have found that my husband is actually very easy to show respect to – after I got over myself. The cards are a big thing. All the cards for men are MUSHY – totally not him. So I got brave and made my own. Using words and phrases like, strong man, I respect you, you are the bomb, I want you bad – were, admittedly, very foreign and felt kind of ‘chalky’ at first. But, here’s the thing, in 26 years of marriage he never ever put one of his cards from me on his desk at work – until I started making them for him. That was a HUGE clue for me.

    Something I would add is, don’t just do his favourite activity (thinking how great am I for doing this FOR him, no matter how good you think you are pretending you are not ‘sacrificing’, it always shows through) – ask God to change your heart so that it genuinely becomes yours too. My husband really likes documentaries, I used to hate them. And he didn’t want me to watch with him … that is, until my heart changed.

    Oh and I loved the corkboard respect image!

    • I like the idea of praying to change your heart to like the same things as your hubby. That is a great idea. I also love the idea of you making your own cards. Phrases like, I crave you, I admire you, I respect you, etc., are all things that husbands like to hear. A man loves it when his wife shows him attention. Cards from the heart that don’t sound like something you would send a girl are awesome. We also want to be wanted. Displaying the cards is a nice way of letting others know that your wife wants you. Not everyone can say that after 26 years. (BTW – That is how long we have been married.)

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