Some Things He Wants You to Know; But Will Not Tell You!

We husbands are shy about our feelings.  There are things we feel and think about, but we fear sharing them with you.  We are afraid it will diminish us in your eyes, because it shows some of our vulnerabilities, which leads me to the first thing your husband wants you to know…

He Struggles Between Being a Strong Leader and Being Vulnerable: Men are given leaders-wantedso many mix messages in this world, we sometimes don’t know which roll we need to fulfilling at any given moment. We would like your understanding; we know sometimes we will start acting in one roll, when what you really need is for us to be in the other role.  If you want to tell us what you need at any given time, we would appreciate that input.   However, you also need to understand that changing from one role to the other is sometimes very hard and sometimes we believe that the role that we are in is the roll that we need to be in.

He Would Be Lost With Out You: God created for Adam a “helpmeet.”  Eve was to BrokenCompass-300x300help Adam, to work beside him, to help meet his needs, and to be his companion.  That has always been God’s design for marriage; we know that, we feel that.  For many of us, our greatest fear is losing our wife.  Whether he shows it or not, your husband loves you and needs you to be around.

He Really Wants You to Be Happy: For most husbands one of the greatest joys is sm-happy-older-coupleseeing his wife be happy, be excited and the more excited the better we like it. However, we really want to be a big part of that happiness.  We want to do things to please our wives.  We want you to let us do these things for you that you will like. We want you to enjoy it, we want you to you enjoyed it, and we love it when you tell your friends how happy we made you.  By the way, if you want to thank us for making you happy, would enjoy that also.

1357637461_14660437-illustration-depicting-a-roadsign-with-a-respect-concept-strong-sunlight-and-blue-sky-backgroundHe Really Wants Your Love and Needs Your Respect:  Husbands really appreciate being loved by their wives; it truly is a wonderful feeling.  However, in this day and age, where respect is seen less and less, your husband needs it more and more.  He needs it from his wife, he needs it from his kids.

Your husband may never tell you these things, but chances are he is thinking them. He would probably never tell you himself, but he probably wants you to know these things.


2 thoughts on “Some Things He Wants You to Know; But Will Not Tell You!

  1. GREAT post RHW. I find the emphasis on needing respect to be a true statement, at least in our marriage. It completely changed my husband’s heart.

    Also, I love the choice for your first image in this post!

    • Thank you. The more I learn about respect in marriage, the more I see it’s importance. I think there are too many families where there is no respect and men are treated like buffoons instead of with respect. (Yes, men also are guilty of doing it.) There needs to be a lot more respect in marriages.

      As far as the image goes, I feel that way sometimes.

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