Classy not Trashy

One of the things that I love seeing the most in the world is when my wife dresses up for me.  I love to see her look her best, every time she fixes herself up for me, I am reminded that I am the luckiest guy in the world.  (Yes, I would still consider myself lucky even if she was not still beautiful, but it is like having an extra treat that she is beautiful and hot.) 

I think most guys would agree with me, that they love seeing their wives look nice for them.  I would encourage you ladies to dress up for your man any time you can. (I know it is a hassle to do everyday, but try for a few times a month, he will love it.)

A Few Things You May Want to Consider:

Your husband loves to see you look nice, to even look alluring, but he does not wantPaulina-Carmel-Modest-Clothing you to show off for the world.  There are some parts of you that are for his eyes only.  He wants to keep it that way.  This can include things that are too tight as well as too low cut or too high cut.  A while back I was at my favorite coffee shop one morning and it seemed like half the ladies there showing off more than what I would consider proper.  It disturbed me, coffee and an eye-full was not the way I wanted to start my day.  Classy, not trashy is always the way a Christian should dress, both male and female.  (My wife won’t let me wear my running tights unless I wear shorts over them)

Don’t forget, this includes around the house if there are others around.  It helps to set a good example for your kids, they need to know about modesty.  It is okay, when they get older, for them to know that you dress seductively for your husband sometimes, but they don’t need to see you in the outfits.

red_couture_corset_with_beadsWhen you and your husband are alone, show as much as you want.  If you have an inner seductress that wants to tease and titillate, go for it, tease and titillate as much as you want.  If you are a little more shy and not ready to show more skin that not, that is okay, find something that you like, something that says, “I want you to want me” and wear it for him.  I know that you ladies know best what you look good in.  I would suggest that every now and then, buy something that is a little out of your comfort zone and wear it for him.  He will love whatever you wear, because he knows you are trying to please him.

I know many women feel cheated if they get lingerie for a birthday gift, thinking it is really more for him.  I can see that, it makes sense.  I have tried a couple of times for my birthday to get my wife to buy herself some lingerie and wear it to bed for me on my birthday (or whatever event)!  I would love that, I get the feeling that your husband would like it also.

BTW – If you struggle with body image, you are probably worried about nothing.  Any decent guy knows that what is one the inside is more important than what is on the outside.  I am willing to bet that he loves you the way you are and wants you more than you realize.  I am most attracted to my wife’s build as a type of body I like. (Yes, I know it may have to do with love more than anything, but what is wrong with that?)  Studies have shown that it is true of most husbands.  Your heart will still shine more than anything else anyway and he loves that a lot.

In many ways the old idea is true: A man wants a classy wife in public, but in private, he desires someone who wants to Rock His WorldDressing to please him is a great way to start.


5 thoughts on “Classy not Trashy

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  2. Great post! I agree, I think there are too many women today dressing up and showing a little bit more then they should. As women we are constantly receiving theses mixed messages from the world that we live in and it truly is about us finding that inner beauty that God has instilled in us! If us as women can be confident in who Christ has made us(because we are stunning in His eyes) and KNOW that God has placed a man in our life who loves us inside and out! I love how you said, “Any decent guy knows that what is on the inside is more important than what is on the outside.” – I could not agree more, because the Lord brings two people together to love each other for more then just their physical appearance. It is a beautiful thing and a gift from the Lord!
    Thanks for this post! More women need to hear that they do not have to go “that” far to impress their husbands, but that it is important to make the effort!

    • Thanks for the kind words. As I think about this, what is really the most important thing is for a wife to love her husband and to let him know that she is interested in being intimate with him. The rest is icing on the cake, however, like most guys, I like icing!!

  3. I like this, I didn’t get this until I married an amazing man. My “Goodies” belong to him and is no one else’s business!
    I will say I am not perfect and in my time of singleness I was probably one of those girls in the coffee shop. :/

    • Trista, we live in a society that teaches woman (and guys to a lesser extent), “That if you have flaunt it and if you don’t have it, fake it.” I am glad that you understand that now. Unfortunately, I know more than a few married women who still dress like they are trying to get every guy in the room to stare. I really hate having to close my eyes and look away because some women is showing me (and everyone else around) things that I only want to see from my wife.

      I read your profile, congrats on being pregnant. Thought you might want to know, most of my friends thought that their wife was really hot when she was pregnant. Please don’t think because you are pregnant that your husband does not find you attractive. Hope everything goes well in your pregnancy!

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