What a Week

It has been one of those weeks I hate.  I have been working about 11 hours a day, getting home after 8:00 every night.  We all have those weeks and we all hate them, weeks were we just catch ourselves coming and going. 969100_412367675540821_1019760124_n

I was thinking about it today, in what ways does my wife help me at times like this?  Here are some of the things I thought about:

  • She looks after my needs:  Little things like making sure I have the clothes I need for the week.  Gas in her van, so when I have to borrow it to take some guys from church to Promise Keepers on Friday I don’t have to stop and gas it up.  Good meals so I can feel better and stay healthy.
  • She lightens my load:  When I have a busy week, she does not bring most of the little problems that come up during the week to my attention, big ones yes, but little ones she either handles or they wait.  She also takes over some of my little chores around the house.
  • She is more tolerant of my moods:  I hate to say it, but sometimes when I get stressed out, I can get grumpy.  She does not like the fact I am grumpy, but neither does she take it personally.  (BTW – I don’t consider stress and excuse for me to be grumpy, I still fight it, but sometimes I loose the fight.)

I am sure that she does a lot of other things that help me, but I have to get to another meeting and don’t have enough time to think about it.  The good thing for us is that each of us have these stressful times and we have learned how to help each other and can demonstrate it to each other.  It really is something that we have learned over the years.

When your husband is stressed out, do what you can to help him, ask him (maybe when he is not stressed out) how you can help him when he is busy.  When you meet his needs at times like that, it really does make him feel special and feel loved!

Here is to less stressful weeks and time with the family!



4 thoughts on “What a Week

  1. “She does not like the fact I am grumpy, but neither does she take it personally.”

    Grace grace and more grace. Sounds like your wife is a great encouragement for your marriage, that is awesome. Great ideas. I like all your posts, but this one made me especially happy.

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