Video Monday

I have always loved this song.  One of my favorite versions is Sergio Mendez & Brazil 66.  However, there is something wonderful about this version by Diana Krall.  Her timing and vocals on this rendition are fabulous.

In case you want to hear the Sergio Mendez version, I thought I would include it.


7 thoughts on “Video Monday

    • Youj will love her voice, phrasing and emotion. It will break your heart to know she is no longer with us. Let me save you some time. Bottom one is a compilation where you can easily cherry pick.

      • So sorry man. I thought it would only leave the links and not savage your gigs like that. lt won’t be offended if you delete my reply after harvesting the links.

      • It’s amazing how she can take almost anyone else’s song, cover it and then just flat own it: “Time After Time.” Cyndi who?

      • I think covers are the hardest genre to do – they have to be different, if not, why do them, but you don’t want to mess up a good song. I will see if I can find some time later today to listen some.

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