Better than Halloween!

I have never been a big fan of Halloween.  I don’t like that it is a holiday that glorifies evil and it seems like the adult Halloween parties are just an excuse to get drunk & hook up.

I would ask you to remember two things today:

1) God is BIGGER than the boogie man!! (Thank you VeggieTales)

2) See the picture bellow!

Picture1However, if you are going to celebrate Halloween, I would suggest two things:

  1. Promote God’s Power & Love in how you celebrate it.
  2. Use it as an excuse to Rock Your Husbands world – That will be a great Treat for Both of You!!

8 thoughts on “Better than Halloween!

  1. Our church does an alternative experience of the kid of the area. Nothing real pushy, just something to take the focus of ghouls and goblins and introduce them to the church.

  2. Yes, Halloween can be seen as evil and perhaps that is the intent of the ‘holiday’, but for our family, we just have fun. When I was a kid, we just had a great time dressing up and getting as much candy as we could, and that’s how I’ve shared this time of year with my kids when they were growing up. We don’t ‘celebrate’ the holiday like we do Christmas or Easter. We just have fun dressing up, eating way too much candy and sometimes watching old silly spooky movies (not the gory stuff). I know this can be a very hot topic among Christians, so I’m not debating whether it’s good or bad to observe Halloween, just sharing where I’m coming from.

    • I have heard people debate the merits of doing anything with Halloween or skipping it. I personally believe that God can redeem anything and I like the idea of having a great positive, Godly presence at Halloween. We normally go with a Veggie Tale thing and last night we had one family ask us where we went to church. I thought it was cool, that they asked. My kids have seldom trick or treated, but love to pass out treats or help our church with their celebration.

      I really don’t think we need to give it up, but instead, we need make it better. I think it is part of being salt and light.

  3. Good thoughts. I used halloween as an opportunity to create unity in our marriage. For many years Darrell was an unbeliever and saw no problem with it. I, on the other hand, hated it and created a LOT of stress in our marriage, home and kids over it. So not fair. Years ago I decided that peace and unity was better and he would be accountable for the direction of the family.

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