Friday Funnies – Black Friday

I did not make it out for any Black Friday sales, but I have been out other years and it was crazy.  I think next year Black Friday will probably start the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

There is a lot to laugh at about concerning Black Friday, I hope you will enjoy these.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing your and your loved ones a happy, wonderful, and blessed Thanksgiving.

May you get to eat all that you want and not gain a pound!
May you be filled with love and joy.
May your heart over-flow with love for your friends and family.
And may you find time to spend quality time with your husband and may you truly Rock Each Other’s World!

RHW Thanksgiving

Make Out Monday – Thanksgiving Edition

Tis the week to give thanks and who am I to break that tradition.  In honor of Thanksgiving (At least here in the USA, I know our Canadian friends already celebrated Thanksgiving last month), I thought I would have a theme of Thankfulness.  (Not as easy to find songs about love and thankfulness as I thought it would be.) I also included one that was not a love song, but rather as a reminder that the BEST things we have to be thankful for come to us from God!

Bon Jovi – Thank You For Loving Me

Andrew Gold – Thank You For Being A Friend

Newsboys – In Christ Alone

Friday Funnies

From Time to Time I find things that make me laugh and I thought I 3779would pass some of them along to you.  I wish I could say I will find enough to have Friday Funnies every week, but I am sure I won’t, especially since I don’t want to post things that I don’t think are really funny just to have one every Friday:  I do have one slight disclaimer: I often will post things that are as much ironic as funny.  Sorry that is just me!

Anyway, without any further ado, This week’s Friday Funny:

Photo Oct 15, 10 58 01 PMI find it sad that often at home wives often do not put any effort in to looking good for their husbands.  I am not saying they should dress up all the time, but neither should he get, “the look” that you would not even wear to Walmart to pick up a couple of things, most if the time.  (I know hubbies are guilty also.  I would say to them also, “Don’t do it.  Give her your best!”)

Weekly Picks

ku-bigpicMy picks of what I consider to be articles worth reading.  Most of the time these will be from my fellow Christian Marriage Bloggers, but sometimes I will pick from other sources also if I think they are important.  (These are in no particular order.)

Make Out Monday: Chicago Style

Today I was driving back to work after lunch when the first song (Will You Still Love Me?) came on my car stereo, it screamed to be, “Make Out Monday.”  I have always been a Chicago fan, although I have never really thought about for the love song genre. With a quick look on Youtube & Spotify, I found three Chicago love songs that I thought were great for Make Out Monday!

Will You Still Love Me?

You’re The Inspiration

If You Leave Me Now