Monday Video: Ode to October

As you are not doubt aware of, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I should have post this video last month – I urge all you ladies to make sure you get yourselves checked.  We love you too much to see you go through any unnecessary harm.  Don’t just worry about it in October, be vigilant year round.  Train your husband what to look for, he wants your breasts to be healthy also and may notice something before you do.

Melissa Etheridge – I Run For Life!

Be Safe and if possible, participate in a Race for a Cure event.  Click here for the Race for a Cure Website.





One thought on “Monday Video: Ode to October

  1. Husbands a re very important to breast health Gentle but firm sqeezes at the right time youring sex can do wonders for breasts. They have aknack for doing it right and often!

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