Make Out Monday: Chicago Style

Today I was driving back to work after lunch when the first song (Will You Still Love Me?) came on my car stereo, it screamed to be, “Make Out Monday.”  I have always been a Chicago fan, although I have never really thought about for the love song genre. With a quick look on Youtube & Spotify, I found three Chicago love songs that I thought were great for Make Out Monday!

Will You Still Love Me?

You’re The Inspiration

If You Leave Me Now


4 thoughts on “Make Out Monday: Chicago Style

      • Well, it was 1979 or 1980, I can’t exactly remember. It was a very very good concert. The days when lighters were ‘clicked’ to show how much the music was enjoyed. Husband and I went to a concert this past weekend. No lighters (of course). Now it’s cell phones. Everybody has a cell phone taking photos or recording. Made me feel old……..and glad that we’d brought our ipad.

      • You do have the lighter app I hope! LOL

        One of my all time favorite memories was seeing the Doobie Brothers at Red Rocks, about 1991 or so, when they played, “Jesus is Just Alright,” I think ever body in the place pulled out a lighter to wave it to the music. It was amazing.

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