Friday Funnies

From Time to Time I find things that make me laugh and I thought I 3779would pass some of them along to you.  I wish I could say I will find enough to have Friday Funnies every week, but I am sure I won’t, especially since I don’t want to post things that I don’t think are really funny just to have one every Friday:  I do have one slight disclaimer: I often will post things that are as much ironic as funny.  Sorry that is just me!

Anyway, without any further ado, This week’s Friday Funny:

Photo Oct 15, 10 58 01 PMI find it sad that often at home wives often do not put any effort in to looking good for their husbands.  I am not saying they should dress up all the time, but neither should he get, “the look” that you would not even wear to Walmart to pick up a couple of things, most if the time.  (I know hubbies are guilty also.  I would say to them also, “Don’t do it.  Give her your best!”)


16 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

  1. Drat! Why doesn’t it take an Enter (Return key for us IBM Selectric dinosaurs) key double-click to post on blogs for us fumble-fingered touch typist?

    “If you think this is such an easy thing for your wife to figure out and comply with daily, read q-” question 1) again. It sounds good in print, but it needs a joint plan to be effective. Of course, if laundry is an issue, there is a way to minimize that if you are empty nesters. Just don’t forget the apron when frying. Time out. Back in the corner.

    • I don’t think a spouse should always have to dress to please his/her spouse, but neither should they look like they don’t care all the time. Additionally, don’t wear something that you know your spouse hates unless there is a very good reason for it. My wife has a set of gray sweats that I hate, I have threatened to burn them, but she told me not to, because she cleans the house in them and does not care if they get dirty, ruined, etc. I can see that, I just ask that she does not wear them the rest of the time.

      Beyond that, I think it is about communication. We talk about it, what we like seeing each other in. Including, casual, professional, and around the house.

      • It really did happen that way for me. There I was, uncombed hair, sleeved undershirt (hate sleeveless with hiary pits), bare feet and sweat bottoms. Welcome home, honey. Leveled the playing field (hate that expression) and got me thinking.

    • Oh I almost forgot, big thing that wives complain about with their husbands. Many say that our hygiene is not what it should be. We don’t wash enough, well enough, and often have bad breath. We need to make sure that we do our best to be clean and fresh for our wife.

    • I don’t get it. Perhaps it’s because the basic premise of he joke is false. The set-up with the first panel is the problem. Something about “wanting” to have sex. AHAHAHAHA. Sorry, SR. I just couldn’t resist it. Being bad. I’ll take a time out over in the corner now.

      Glad he thought to include men in that. Guilty as charged. It’s Saturday. I get to not shave or shower this morning, or comb my hair. Just hang out in my sweats and watch the tube. BURRRP! How ’bout you and me get it on tonight, Babe? Do we have any pineapple juice?

      • Yes, I get that. Perhaps it would have been better phrased, “How I look at home for the person I HAVE to have sex with.” And, “How I look in public for the people I don’t WANT to have sex with.”

        Still funny though!!

      • Actually the second parapgraph is nothing like me. Well, sometimes a little. Your post reminded me of how, being self-unemployed most of the time, I spend a lot of time in very casual clothing and even, like jeans, will wear the same sweat bottoms two or three times to keep the laundry expense down. One day when reading about women being encouraged to look nice for their husbands’ arrival home I began to think about my appearance when my wife comes home on those days I’m not working. Two things came to mind:

        1) What should I choose to wear to look the way she would like to see me? Don’t know myself. Never asked. Slacks, jeans, golf shirt, nicer dress shirt, t-shirt? (Dress too nice and where have I been and what have I been up to?) How do I not look frumpy-dumpy but not like I have over-acheived sartorially? How much do I want to increase the laundry loads to do this daily?

        2)What image does she think I want to see as I come through the door?
        “Nice pearls and heels, June. Don’t forget your apron, wouldn’t want to stain that Sunday frock.”
        “Well, thank you, Ward.”
        I know the thought is we want our wives to look appealing but what does that mean. How do they interpret that?

        When we advocate changes in the lives of others, we need to think about what is involved in implementing those changes: If you were just a little sexier. HUMM? If you wore some things with a little more flash. LIKE??? Not necessarily all the time. WHEN??? Showed a little cleavage. v??? V??? UU?? ENOUGH? TOO MUCH?

        We all realize the point is to have an appealing appearance for our mates, to not let or selves slide into a comfortable complacency, but we need to define what that looks like and keep our expectations reasonable. There is someplace between the first and second panel that is the target of both of us. If you think this is such an easy thing for your wife to figure out and comply with daily, read q

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