Friday Funnies – Black Friday

I did not make it out for any Black Friday sales, but I have been out other years and it was crazy.  I think next year Black Friday will probably start the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

There is a lot to laugh at about concerning Black Friday, I hope you will enjoy these.



2 thoughts on “Friday Funnies – Black Friday

  1. I used to go when it was just the day-after sales and not the riot it has become. When I hear people say the saved almost a thousand dollars, I wonder how much they spent and could they really afford it, or did they just get caught up in the excitement of “saving” money. It is frightening to see the types of behavior exhibited by some shoppers and disappointing to realize the retailers do nothing or little to curtail it. They create greed- and shortage-based situations in which people exercise their baser nature. There must be a safer and kinder way of handling it, but it would not encourage the attendant impulse shopping that comes with the retail-mob mentality. To be part of it, I would have to witness to many acts they would sadden me so I just stay home. The deals on-line are good enough and I don’t have to damage my dignity or that of another in the process.

    “♫ ♪♪And so this is Chrïstmas, and what have we done…♪ ♫ ♪”
    John Lennon, Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

    • I have not caught the news yet today. Many years, someone gets badly hurt on black friday.

      Me anymore, I do most of my Christmas shopping on line. It is easier for me in a lot of ways.

      Funny thing about saving money on Black Friday, you got to spend it save it and it is only helpful if you buy stuff that you really would have bought anyway.

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