Friday Funny – Saturday Edition

Honestly, it should be the guy who get’s it wrong because most ladies are much better about gift giving than their husbands.  However, since The Cookie Monster is a guy, it made more since to do it this way!



4 thoughts on “Friday Funny – Saturday Edition

  1. Very funny! I love it! I want to print it out and put it on my frig.

    I have to say that your surmise is true in our household. Our kids all remember a gift my husband gave me for Christmas several years ago that actually made me spontaneously cry (in a bad way) in front of everybody. Very embarrassing for everyone as I rarely cry and definitely not in front of the whole family. It made my husband feel bad too as he had thought I’d really love the gift. Boo.

    He’s gotten MUCH better since that time about gift choices. I do love that man! *smile*

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