Gifts for Your Guy

If you are looking for a last minute gift for your hubby, I might be able to253254_541817979197395_1338538794_n help.  There are things that many or most of the guys I know would like if they don’t already have them:

I also had some ideas last week, if you missed that one, you can click here to read it!

You know how to do this, think about his interests and find something that he would like that deals with his interests.  For me my main interests outside of work, church, and family are – Running, Woodworking, and Music.  A gift certificate to a store that deals with one of these interest is great.  A magazine subscription to a Mag. on one of these topics is great.  I used to devour my Runner’s World Mag, in one night.  I loved it.

Stocking Stuffers: (trying hard to keep this inexpensive)

  • Real Metal LED Flashlights – my kids are always taking mine and 5586-santa hats.220w.tnsometimes I never see them again.
  • Good Quality Screwdriver set – I have a set made by Stanley that I have had for years, they are wonderful. Craftsman also great and have a lifetime guarantee. (Stanley’s also have a lifetime guarantee, but are harder to get exchanged.)
  • A pound, err – 12 oz of Good Coffee – I like Duncan Donuts & Starbucks.
  • An iTunes or Amazon gift card for music, apps, etc.

What He Most Wants:

  • Your Love – Probably Accompanied by Physical Touch.
  • Patience, Forgiveness. and Understanding from You – We know we goof up sometimes, err maybe a lot, but we want you to get over it quickly.
  • Not Holding Grudges – kind of like the last one, we don’t want to be reminded about how we goofed up 10 years ago.
  • Some Quiet Times – life can be hectic and busy, sometimes we want to have the world stop for a while and relax for a little.
  • Respect – See my Father’s Day post on this topic – Click Here

Some Help From Others:

Good Luck and have a Wonderful & Blessed Christmas!!


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