Another Year – Time to Try Again

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutionsIt is traditional for people to make New Years’ Resolutions at the beginning of the year. I also know that many of us have gotten tired of making them, having tried it many times before and failed to make those changes more often than not. That is something we can all relate to.

However, I would like to point out that if we never try to make changes, we will NewYearsResolutionsnever make them. Let’s face it, if we don’t make any changes in our life, we will always be the way we are now, unless God just miraculously zaps us and causes change. Almost all changes that take place in our life, involve us making a choice, asking God to help us get through it, and then relying on our ability to follow through. In other words, if you want to make changes in your life, you need to put forth some effort and ask God to help you.

Here are a few steps that may help you make a change in your life as we start the New Year.
• Examine your life and identify anything that you need to work on or change.
• Ask God to help you identify anything you need to work on or change.
• Pick a couple of these items and commit to change them.
• Sit down and write a few lines about what the change would look like and what it will take you doing in order to make that change.
o Put this paper somewhere you will see it a couple of times a day.
o Do these things as often as is needed to help you make that change
• Ask God to help you so that you can make those changes.
• Celebrate the times that you do the right thing and don’t let the times you slip get you too down, recognize that setbacks will come, but a setback does not equate failure.

May God bring you help, peace, and joy in the coming year. May His light shine in your life and help others to know Him better because of you!



7 thoughts on “Another Year – Time to Try Again

  1. I often found that resolutions were ideas that were too big and too vague. For instance, if I wanted to drop 20 lbs. Rather than focusing on losing the whole 20, choose something smaller to focus on, that works towards that end. To stick with a ‘weight/food’ analogy, we bite off more than we can chew because we think that little bites won’t amount to anything.

    • Robyn, I think you make a good point. Some ideas are just too big for us to deal with at once. If I remember correctly, in the business world, it is seems like they often talk about Goal setting (as in the Big Ideas) and then they talk about objectives (as in the steps to help you achieve the goals.)

      In the example you used, loosing 20 pounds by June would be the goal, but then it is broken down into obejectives like: 1) I will walk every other day for 15 minutes, 2) I will drink a 12 oz glass of water 10 minutes before every meal, & 3) I will not eat any junk food unless I have walked an extra two hours in a given week.

      Great idea breaking it down, I wish I would have thought of it for the article!

      • Yes it is a leadership technique I learned from my husband to apply to parenting as well as my own growth and resolutions to change. It was actually sparked by a book that we read as a family called, Question of the Day. Back in October (coincidentally when I bought the book, I had just quit smoking) and one of the questions were: What is one thing you can change, that if you look back a year from now, you’ll be happy that you did?

        It was the phrase “one thing” that blended with the idea of “bite sized” goals to work towards that end.

      • I like that question, “What is one thing you can change, that if you look back a year from now, you’ll be happy that you did?” It makes the work easier to deal with!!

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