Make Out Monday – 1/6/14

Wow, it is hard for me to believe that it is already 2014, but here we are.  I truly hope that you had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and New Year celebration.  I hope that you had some quality time with your husband.

Here is this Years First Installments for Make Out Monday!  Hope you enjoy!  By The Way – If you have any suggestions of great make out songs, please pass them my way.  I tend to pick oldies because it is what I know best, but I would love some newer music, so please message me if you have some ideas.

Today, both of the songs have a certain amount of sadness to them, which is not something I generally have as a part of Make Out Monday, but they both talk about love. (Check out the Bob Seger Version at the Bottom.)

Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton – We’ve Got Tonight

Phil Collins – Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

Bob Seger – We’ve Got Tonight



2 thoughts on “Make Out Monday – 1/6/14

  1. She had the flu and mild pneumonia. I had bronchitis. A lot of time spent, but not much quality to it and most of it spent apart. There’s always next Christmas. We’re getting better slowly. Gave me time to get the blog up and running though. A little quicker than I wanted, but up all the same.

    • Sad that you were both sick. It is never fun to be sick at the same time. Our Christmas was weird also, we were in the process of moving & painting/fixing up the new place.

      Looking forward to reading your blog! Glad you got it up!!

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