Friday Funny

2014-01-02 21.58.32

I love seeing my wife wear one of my old dress shirts.  I may like is as much or more than any lingerie she owns.

2014-01-07 08.21.05


7 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. So funny! I showed my DH the picture w/the conquered fortress comment and he loved it. It’s going to take a while as my DH has a white collar job, but apparently I’ll be wearing every shirt he owns until I’ve worn them all. This week he’s even pulled out the heavier insulated flannel and suede ones that he wears outside when he’s cutting wood or doing other ‘guy’ chores and handed me one on cold mornings saying he wants it on me when he comes home for lunch. Call me conquered, I guess.

    • You not only sound conquered, but loved, wanted, and cherished! I might have to do that, have my wife wear a different one to bed every night until she has worn them all, then next time I wear it, I will think about that it has been on her!!

    • Insulated flannel? What? No goose bumps? Goose bumps are part of what is sexy on a female body and say “Hold me and keep me warm.” Gotta have goose bumps. 😉

      • No problemo goose bump-wise. Where we live, the month of January has been all about how far below zero the temp can go before every living thing just curls into a ball next to a heat source and softly whimpers. Shirts *insulated or not* do not cover enough square inches of skin to keep the goose bumps away. Goose bumps-Another great way to burn calories!!

  2. I don’t know what it is about wearing our shirts that is such a turn on for them. My wife says that if I die before her, she is going to keep all my dress shirts to sleep in and sprinkle them with my cologne. I don’t think its strange, just fascinating that they are this way God love ’em. I never wear her favorite shirt and it hangs on a hook in the room so it is always available for her. I do know that she prefers I wear it just enough so that it “smells” like me when she puts it on. I’m the same way about her when she showers. I find her aroma more enrapturing a few of hours later than right away when it still smells like bathing product. It just shows how some of our basic instincts still play a stong part in our sensual lives.

  3. And they like wearing it when they won’t wear lingerie. It’s a WIN WIN. Got no problem with a nice frilly pair of panties too though. Either way. I like it as much as she does. First three or four buttons open if you please..

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