What He Wants For Valentine’s Day

purpleheartYou don’t need me to tell you this, but many guys don’t like Valentine’s Day.  I think they are wrong, I think they ought to enjoy a chance to be romantic and do something special for their wives.  However, most of them will not change.

I know many of you ladies do what to do something special for your hubby on Valentine’s Day.  I am going to suggest two things that I think your husband will really appreciate and cherish and who knows, it may help him to not hate Valentine’s Day quite as much.  And no, it is not about sex.

What He Would Love!

1) Pray for Him: Write in his card (or even make him one) that lets him knowRHW that you are going to be praying for him every day.  He will love it!  It is comforting and wonderful to know that your wife loves you enough to take the time to pray for you every day. You may want to make him a graphic like the one I made and print it out for him.  (I make things like that for my wife for special events and I get them printed at Walmart or Walgreens, it costs less than a dollar and I put it in a simple frame.)

When you pray for him, pray for the things that will help him.  Ask him what requests he has.  Let him know that you are praying for the things that are important to him, not just that you are trying to change him into the perfect guy.  Pray for him the way you want him to pray for you.

2) Be Happy With What He Gets You:  There is nothing more discouraging for a husband than getting his wife something that he thinks she really will like and then when he gives it to her, she is disappointed.  Other times she is not disappointed, but she is not enthusiastic either.  Hey, he spent time getting your gift, sometimes he spent a lot of time, be excited, at least a big smile, a warm thank you, and a hug.

I know guys sometimes do get stupid gifts for their wives and I feel for you.  (I think you get revenge on us at Father’s Day, but that is another story.)  If you need to talk to him about his choice of gifts, do it a later time, right then be happy, even if you know you will never wear it, put it out, or use it.  Thank him, the next day see if you can get the receipt from him and take it back, if not consider saving it for a “White Elephant Gift” or give it a Charity.

If you want another idea, check out what I wrote for Father’s Day, He Would like that Anytime – Just Click on this Sentence!

I just found a wonderful article from Holy, Hot, & Humorous about Valentine’s Day gifts.  It truly is Holy, Hot, & Humorous – Click Here to Read it!

I Wish You a Truly Rockin’ Valentine’s Day!


3 thoughts on “What He Wants For Valentine’s Day

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  2. I find it tragic that men are not enjoying this wonderful time to show their wife how special she is without any shame.

    Perhaps that is why I have dedicated my life to improving how men show their wife genuine romance 365 days a year. Most of the year, husbands are embarrassed to kiss and hug their wife in public. SO SAD!!!!!!

    I agree with the suggestion for Holy, Hot, & Humorous post.

    Perhaps the posts on my blog can assist as well? — Always Expect The Best!!!!!!! -Jerry

    • I agree, men should do more for their wives all the time, assuming that their wives, like romantic things. Men should treat their wives in a way that let’s their wife know he really loves her and cares about what is important to her.

      I will be there check out what you have written.

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