Quick Thots: Be Classy, not trashy

2012-04-26 22.08.06

It really saddens me the way I see some Christians dress.  Some ladies seem like they want to dress in such away that they want guys to stare at them and let’s face it, chances are, starring is the first step towards lusting.  Ladies, please, don’t do this to us.  Tease your husband around the house all you want, but dress classy in public.2013-09-12 17.38.27


3 thoughts on “Quick Thots: Be Classy, not trashy

    • Definitely, many parts of a woman are for his eyes only! And any woman knows how to tempt her husband while staying classy! Just like I can tease my wife with look or a word, it is fun, especially if I can make he blush with something that to the rest of the world would be innocent!

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