Make Out Monday – Something from this Century

I know, I am an Oldies Fan.  It is the music of my childhood, the music that speaks to me the clearest, and it is the music I know the best. (Well, with the possible exception of worship music, but I can’t see posting a steady diet of worship music to Make Out Monday – not that it would be wrong for a married couple to make out to worship music – God did create sex after all and is glad when you make out.)  Wow, what a turkey trot that was, sorry!  Anyway, I thought I would post some newer music this week and it led me to listening to some Adele, I find her voice very haunting and I thought you might like to cuddle up with your sweetie tonight and check out these offerings from her!

Adele – Lovesong

Adele – Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

Adele – Make You Feel My Love

Disclaimer:  I try to screen the videos I post on RockHisWorld and make sure that they are not objectionable in any way to those who watch them.  I wish to apologize to anyone who may be offended by the content of any of the videos I post.  I will sometimes miss things, either in the lyrics or the graphics.  Please forgive me if I miss something, it is not intentional!

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