Pictures that Inspire

I am a big fan of pictures that leave a lot to imagination, yet they convey the unmistakable message – I love you, I want you, and I want you to want me.  I am a cautious man and one that would never want to see anything embarrass my wife, even for the sake of giving me pleasure.  I treasure her reputation and mine.  As a result, I don’t want any pictures of my wife anywhere, that should they get into the wrong hands, would embarrass us.  In this day an age of identity theft, hacking, lost and/or stolen phones, iPads, cameras, and laptops, we have decided that caution is best.

However, I believe that there are ways to send pictures that convey, love and desire, yet are tasteful and would not embarrass anyone.  Here are my ideas on this:


A Truly Magnificent Smile!

Smile: The biggest thing that will always attract a guy is a big smile.  A smile can melt a heart like crazy.  It communicates, love, fun, and message that there is more to come.  It has been said that humor and laughter is one of the best aphrodisiacs for both men and women, well a big smile is right along the same lines.  Besides, a husband loves to see his wife smile and loves the thought of putting a smile on her face.

Use Your Best Assets: Every woman out there has an asset or 8582297631_54b7516822_zthree that her husband loves.  For my wife, it is her eyes, her hair, her face, her stomach, and her chest (in reality, I could go on, but I won’t bore you).  I can and do obsess about all of those features at different times.   Any picture that includes one of those will bring a smile to my face and depending on how the picture is, it could light up my day with feelings from love to desire.  There is also a good chance that if anyone else would these pictures, they would just see a picture, but I see them in a whole different light and they make me very happy!  Let him see a picture of what he likes best about you!

tumblr_mt7yrzydwD1s5dh4oo1_500Higher, Lower, & Tighter:  I am on the worship team at church and we periodically talk about wearing clothes appropriate to worship and we summed it up this way, Don’t where anything that is to tight, to low cut, or to short.  (You would think this was common sense, but to some of the 20-somethings on our team, it is not something they think of.)  Well for the sake of picture taking, any or all of those can be a good thing.  He would love to see you in something low cut, something tight or a short skirt or short shorts.  Don’t underestimate the effect of going bra-less also.  Again, it is something you would normally wear in public, but you are doing it for him.

heatwave-relief-sexy-celebrities-sucking-on-popsicles-personProps Can Be Nice: Props can be anything from sucking on a tootsie pop or Popsicle, to a couple of buttons left open that would not normally be left open.  It could be a flash of lingerie or a pair of thigh high stockings.  It could be anurl outfit from a special occasion or one that he likes to see you in.  The goal is to get him to think about you, (maybe even obsess about you all day,) to find a way to be tasteful and teasing at the same time.  It can be done!  Also think of sexy possess, there are little things that you ladies do to make yourselves look alluring, I sure don’t know the tricks, but you do, use them and make him think about you.  Also, you could use note cards to send messages like, “I Love You” & “I Need You!”  Maybe even write a message on your body like, “I am yours and you are mine” Or, “Tonight, I want to Rock Your World.”

Some Final Thoughts: There are couple of different ways you could take the pictures, selfies of course are the rage right now, but there may be a better choice.

  • Have one of your girlfriends help you, she can take the pictures and you will probably get better ones and then you can do the same thing for her.
    • Make it a mutual marriage enrichment workshop.
    • Also if you decide on some body writing, a friend would be a huge help.
  • Plus, if it is someone who’s judgment you can trust, she can help too keep the pictures from going to far and becoming something you might regret later.
  • Be careful of photo bombs, things like the cat throwing up in the background or the kids doing something strange. Nothing wrecks a picture more than an inappropriate event taking place in the background of your picture.
  • I am guessing, if you are like most ladies I know, that you don’t think you look that good and wonder why he would want a picture like that of you, but I am willing to bet that your husband thinks you look great and will love pictures like I am talking about.  In the end it only matters what he thinks.  (I don’t know how other men would rate my wife; I don’t care, because to me, she is a 10.  She says I am blind and that I look at her through the eyes of love.  I say, “You are a 10 and yes I do love you!”)
  • Don’t forget your computer has editing software or you can do it online.
    • Cropping an image can do wonders for many pictures.2014-03-007
    • Also different lighting effects.
      • I love black and white pictures in some cases.
      • With some programs you can do black and white with a splash of color. (I did the one here in about 5 minutes)
      • I also like the sepia effect.
    • You can also rotate an image if it is needed or mirror image of it so any writing is readable if you took the picture the mirror.
  • The more fun you have while taking the pictures, the better the pictures will be – sometimes it is good to think you are playing the role of a super-model, this may help you to get the affect that you want.
  • Want to spice it up a little more? When you send him the picture, say something like, “You like what you see? I can’t wait to show you the rest.”

If you have any additional Ideas, I would love to hear them.

6 thoughts on “Pictures that Inspire

  1. That’s all well and good if you are thin and beautiful. But if, like me, you are average and have had a child or two, why would you want to send your husband a permanent reminder that you are not all that? I have accepted the fact that I am not as beautiful as most women out there, nor will I ever have my young swimmers body again, but I don’t want photographic evidence of it! He says I’m pretty cause he’s a sweet guy, but I’m not going to give him proof to the contrary! So, have fun, young hot ladies, but for those of us over 35 who are not a size 4, I say no way!

    • Becca:
      I am sad to hear you say that. Don’t sell yourself short. Must guys I know still adore their wives. (I am talking her about guys in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s) I don’t know you, but I am willing to bet that your husband still finds you desirable. Guys like seeing their wives dress in a way to please them. I am willing to bet that if you talked to him, he would appreciate some pictures that were flirty and showed him that you still wanted him. My wife is closer to 50 than 40 and I would love seeing her in some tasteful and flirty pictures. In many ways I find her more desirable than I did the day I married her – which was over 25 years.

  2. Sometimes I’ve sent pictures that aren’t of me but that are of things that will make him think about me–a picture of the bra and undies for the day lying on the bed before I put them on, a bottle of chocolate syrup, etc.They’re racy in their own way, and I still use our password-protected photo-sharing app for them. He loves them and knows what is waiting for him later.

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