Make Out Monday – A Touch of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – I think that is Patrick was alive today, he would be upset with how his holiday is celebrated.  He would not like the idea of people using his life and his ministry for an excuse to get plastered.  However, I get the feeling that he would like the idea of a husband and a wife spending time together, maybe some hugs and kisses.  And if Patrick’s celibacy prevented him from understanding and appreciating it, I know that God would approve and much rather we celebrate this day with marital love than with with too much green beer and Irish whiskey.

Here is a play list from Enya, an Irish singer who has one of the most haunting and soothing voices I know.  I hope you can find some time to gather your spouse in your arms and enjoy part or all of this play list:


Disclaimer:  I try to make sure that all of the songs that I post are appropriate for Christians.  I try to screen them both for lyrical content and video content.  One this project because of the length of the play list, I did not get all the way through it.  I hope that everything will be appropriate – but if not I apologize and would like to hear from you what you found and why it was objectionable, so I can keep from repeating the error.


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