Warning Labels

Hot-Surface-Warning-Label-LB-0844Warning Labels: They are a reality of life these days.  McDonald’s has them on coffee cups; most cars have them on the sun visors. (I heard about one guy who got custom made sun visor covers so he would not have to see the warning labels.  Next time he went to the dealer to get his car serviced, they tried to put warning labels on his custom visor.  He was not happy.)  Sometimes we read the labels, sometimes we don’t.

Goofy Warning Labels:  Some of them the warning labels out there are silly, McDonalds Coffee – “Caution – Contents may be Hot!”  Duh, it better be, coffee is supposed to be hot, unless I ordered iced coffee.  Some other classics:

  • “Do not put people in the washing machine.”warning-fails-21
  • “This product moves when used” (on a Razor scooter)
  • “Use care when operating a car…” (on a prescription for a Dog)
  • May cause drowsiness. (Nytol sleeping pills)
  • Do not use while sleeping. (Vidal Sassoon hair dryer)

Personal Warming Labels: Everyone is different and it is too bad that we don’t come with warning labels.  What bothers one does not bother another.  What pleases one does not please everyone.  Sometimes these pleasures or annoyances change day to day.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a warning label so we would know some of these things?

My Warning Labels: If I were to come with a warning label, it would be something like this – Warning:

  • Don’t talk to subject when he has not eaten in the last 8 hours.
  • Don’t run the vacuum cleaner around subject, it is like kryptonite to him – instead make him do the vacuuming.
  • When tired, don’t play music for him that he hates.
  • Make sure subject eats healthy food at least every other day.
  • Repeating something to subject multiple times will not help him understand the concept better.  Try a different way or agree to disagree about the concept.
  • Subject needs sustained intimate touch on a regular basis or he gets grumpy, sad, and depressed.

RHW-03What is on Your Warning Label? Yes, you probably need one also, we all do. We are all quirky, just in a little different way. It is important that you spend some time thinking about what would be on your warning label. Once you have decided what things need to be on your warning label, spend some time talking with your husband about it.  Let him know how you work, let him know times that you need more caution than others.  Let him know what your kryptonite is.  The more he knows about you and how to deal with certain situations, the easier it will be for you two to get along in those situations.  It really is a Win – Win situation for both of you!  Who knows?  After you two learn


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