About RHW & Me

About: Me

I have been married to the same wonderful woman for over 25 years.  We have 3 children still living at home. (Hey what can I say, we took our time.)  We are Christians and seek to  have a strong Christian home.  Our marriage has had it’s ups and downs, but it is strong and we have often helped others over the years. Some of what I share is out of the happiness of our marriage, some is out of the difficult times.

About: Rock His World

Couples-Photography-for-Valentine-Day-I would like to think I am filling a needed niche in the Internet World of Christian Marriage Sites.  I have found a lot of wonderful sites out there and will recommend several in the future, but I felt like most of them fell into one of the following categories: Women writing to/for women, Women writing to/for couples, or Men writing to/for couples.  I want to write as a husband to women, to give a little bit of perspective that I know is sometimes lacking with wives.

Why write to women?  It is not because they need more help than men, that normally is not the case.  Men do need lots of help in learning how to love and how to treat their wives better.  I am writing to women because I think they are more teachable and more willing to work on their marriage to help make it better.  I hope one day to expand this more to husbands, maybe I will change it to Rock Each Other’s World?!

Rock His Work is about helping wives understand that the way they show love to their husbands is very important.  Husbands for the most part want to be given affection, respect, and a little gratitude.  While RHW is not all about sex, that is a part of it.  It is a subject that will be discussed, but there is more to it than that.

Above All:

It is my biggest desire to approach this all from a Christian view.  I believe that God made marriages, he wants us to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled in marriage.  He gave us sex as a gift desires that we use it responsibly.  It is my hope you can get some ideas here to help you develop a better relationship with your husband (or wife, if you are one of the husbands who stops by sometimes).

Policy Notes:

  • I want those who visit Rock His World to have a healthy, happy, experience here,  To help that, I have had to institute a few policies.
  • Comments need to be approved before the are posted.  I am not to picky on what I do allow, but there are some things that I do not allow on RHW:
    • No personal attacks are allowed – if I think you are attacking someone, I will delete the comments.  If it becomes problematic, I will block you from commenting.
    • That also goes for personal attacks against Christianity.  I do not mind a discussion on the subject, but it should be kept on a discussion level.
    • I do not mind if you have a website doing a little promoting of your website, but please do not make it a habit that you do it on every post and please make sure that your comments are on the subject in question, not just an excuse to promote a site.

13 thoughts on “About RHW & Me

  1. My husband shared your site with me, but not for a good reason. He is recovering from SA and has been looking for Christian Marriage blogs. He came across yours but when he got to a post about sending pictures to your husband it was too tempting for him and he sent me the link to let me know he was struggling. God wants us to focus, look at and want our spouse and I think many of the images on your site go too far and I would hope that you would prayfully seek Gods will when you choose images to share on your site.

    • Thank you for that comment. I do worry about what images I post on here. I often times spend more time looking for pictures than I do writing the article. I am sorry if the pictures were something that tempted your husband, I feel for his situation. I will pray and rethink the images that I use. In my defense I am writing to women and I was giving some examples of how a wife may be able to send some appealing, but tasteful pictures to her husband. But I do think your comment deserves some thought and evaluation. Thank you for it.

  2. Welcome you to the blogosphere.

    I posted your blog on my Facebook page as my “new blog of the week.” I normally wait until a few more posts, but I like what I see so far and I appreciate your perspective (man writing to women) – unique.

    Thanks for putting me in your blogroll and best wishes on this new venture!

  3. Just found your blog. It’s an interesting perspective…one that could be useful.

    But I’m really confusd by your header…if you’re writing from a Christian perspective, why are you trying to look like Cosmo?? It’s the first impression of your blog, and besides the fact that there are no wedding rings in the picture (aren’t you advocating for marriages?), that picture doesn’t display a rocking relationship….just a lot of leg and butt. Not impressed.

    • JU, thanks for the comment. I would have to say you make a good point. I was looking for a picture that shows a wife trying to Rock Her Husband’s world. I guess I found something that did a lot of Rocking and Not much else. I will have to do something different. Although to be honest, it will probably take a couple of days.

      Please Check back and let me know if I did a better job of the Christian/Marriage where making love is important, but not the only thing.

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