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Some Low Cost & No Cost Gifts for Him

If you are like many, if not most of the families out there, money is tight this holiday season.  You most likely want to give your husband a really nice gift, but you can’t justify spending money that you really don’t have. [Whatever you do, debt2please don’t be one of those families who puts so much on the credit card that you don’t get it paid off until September.]  Here are some gifts that you can give your husband that will really make him happy and he will love them, especially if you tell him you will do one of these for him a couple of times a month for the next year.

Strip_Tease_Sequence_9_by_AlwaysElev8edA Striptease: Every guy would love his wife doing this for him.  Pick a time when you know that you will have time alone.  Pick any room in the house that gives you privacy – There are several rooms in our house that this works in if the kids are all gone.  A couple things that will help: Find some music that you like and will help you relax and feel good dancing to.  Also, soft low light, (red lights or black lights are supposed to work well, I was thinking about a bunch of candles) it will make you more mysterious and he will love it still & it will help you not feel as self-conscious about your body.  If you want tips on how to do a strip, I know there are some Youtube videos about it, but I never watched them. (I started to watch them once, but decided after about a minute, I should not see them.)

A Lap Dance: I know, (well at least I think I know, my experience is TV shows – not cable ones even, and what a couple of friends told me), it is similar to a strip tease, but it will involve you getting closer and even sitting on his lap and grinding on top of him.  I think the clubs have rules that the customer cannot touch you, only you can touch them.  The truth is up can make up whatever rules you want and enforce them.  He will still win.  A couple of variations for both the strip tease, you could start with him dressed or undressed, or you could make stripping him a part of either show. Again, youtube has some videos & no, I did not even start to watch them, I just saw that they were available.

A Fantasy Night: Give him a night that he can pick any fantasy he has and you will help him act it out.  [Yes, set limits, like no pain or humiliation but make this fun for both of you, but be willing to stretch your limits a little.] Maybe do this a couple of nights and the second night it is your fantasy that is lived out.

Some Flirty – Sexy Pictures: No, I am not talking about nudes, I don’t thinkstrip_tease_00 tumblr_mxif2reQ0R1r3cwd7o1_500those are a good idea, I wrote about that a while back, you can read that post here; However, here are a couple of picture types that I think any husband would love to have from his wife.  These samples give you an idea of what I am thinking. Get one of your friends to help and you can do the same for her.

A Romantic Dinner for Two: Fix a nice dinner for him that he enjoys, have o_new-women-dresses-sexy-party-dress-cocktail-party-dress-ff96nice place setting, pretty table decorations, and img55840633candles.  Wear something that is stunning and maybe a little daring for dinner, after all it is just the two of you. Some variations: Fix just one plate and feed him and yourself at the same time.  Blind fold him before you feed him, have less clothes on when you take the blind fold off him than you had when you started.  I think you can probably provide a great dessert, but a little whip cream and chocolate may be fun also. (BTW – to keep this inexpensive, try a combination of your lingerie and other clothes you have, like a swimsuit top with a short skirt. What am I thinking, you ladies know more about this than me. I did find a couple of places that have cheap corsets and cheap body stockings.)

Spend Christmas Night Under the Tree Together: The quiet of the night, the lights on the trees, the sound of the fire place (If you are lucky enough to have one.)  It can be a very romantic setting. If you don’t have comfortable way to spend the night out there like an air mattress, spend an hour or so out there together cuddling, making out, whatever, it will be a nice way to finish what should be a wonderful day! (If company, travels etc. prevents you doing it Christmas night, pick another one, it is still nice.)

Some Fun Easy Ones:

  • Temporary Tattoos in very private spots (Here are some tats I found, most seem to be water proof and come off with oil.)
  • Fake Body Jewelry like the tats only with some bling. (A Couple of samples I found Click Here for one or Click Here another)
  • Shave yourself for him.  I know not all guys like this, but if you have never done it, I bet he would like to see it at least once.  [Addition from Robyn @  Up with Marriage To my sisters, I would suggest NOT shaving yourself!!! The pain of a 10-20 min Brazilian far outweighs a week and half of regrowth — far tooo itchy and the last thing you’ll want is more sex. Of course this could just be me. Also, hard wax is virtually painless. (and don’t forget to tell them to do up the backside ;) )]
  • A nice massage. Something most guys will take anytime and love it every time.  You can read my tips from my article – The Ultimate Massage

Next Week, More Gifts for Him, including some more traditional stocking stuffers and (hopefully) a free gift for you to share with him.

More Rockin’ Words

Rockin’ Words convey a deep sense of emotion, love, and desire to your spouse.  You can use them anytime you want to make him smile, to make him think about you, or to make him drop everything and hug you.

Here are some Rockin’ Words:

  • My life is not complete without you.
  • Don’t go, stay here with me.
  • I’ll give you a good work out if you stay here with me instead of going on your run right now.
  • I love you more than chocolate.
  • I’d rather have you than coffee in the morning.
  • I want to make you as happy as you make me!
  • My lips want to cuddle with your lips.
  • How about we spend all morning in bed together.

If you want more Rockin Words, check out my page Rockin’ Words.  I will add these words to that list and will update it from time to time.

Make Him Think About You All Day Long: The Art of Flirting & Anticipation

Do you want to keep him thinking about you all day long?  I know I love that feeling, when my wife is teasing me, making me think about her.  It makes the day longer and shorter at the same time.  On the days that she flirts or teases me, I can’t wait to get home and push her against the wall and kiss her like I mean it! The rest will probably have to wait until the kids are in bed, etc., but anticipation gets my blood racing turns a fun day into a flirty evening, ending in a passionate night.

Here are some ways to do it:

Just as you are get ready to say goodbye in the morning, give him your biggest, RomanceCouple-240most enthusiastic kiss.  Make it long and sensual, hold him tight, maybe even grab his butt and grind into his body as you kiss him.  You could whisper something in his ear like, “That is just a sample of what I have planed for tonight.”  For an extra nice touch be wearing some red lipstick.  You might mention to him that he might need to get clean his lips off before he gets to work.

Send him some flirty, suggestive texts through the day: Start slow and with each text build a little more excitement. (BTW – I am fan of flirty texts, but I worry about actual sexting, it seems from time to time these private messages become public. I would rather not take the chance.)  Use little codes that only you and he would know.  Some things you can tell him: How much you love him. How happy you are that you are married to him. How you love how excited he makes you feel sometimes. How much you crave and want him. How you plan to show him how much you love him that night. You could remind him of one of your past exciting nights, such as, “Remember that night in FL when we celebrated our anniversary… I think you get the point.

Send him a picture of you that is flirty: Like with texting, I don’t suggest anything that 554072_2925582374173_1209709768_nis too sexual, something that you are afraid that your mom or kids will see one day. However, there are a lot of great ways to send a picture that will fire up his imagination and cause him to have his mind on you all day. I think this picture is a good example of what you can do in a picture and drive him wild.  With a picture like that one, he will be in a daze all day.  The eyes and the smile communicate volumes.

Wear some sexy underwear: Make sure he knows what you are wearing all day.  You could flash him in the morning before he goes to work.  You could just leave it out on 6787639773_bfdcb897a4_nthe bed while you are in the shower so he would see it and know you were going to wear it.  A phone call to let him know at lunch, “Honey, you know that matching purple bra and panty set you like so much?  Well, I am wearing right now and thinking of you.”  He may drop the phone.  If there is a way you can see him during the day and flash him there without embarrassing either of you or endangering jobs or reputations, that is also wonderful.

Want to do something at dinner (or lunch) to Rock His World:  At lunch or dinner, after you both order, excuse yourself to the ladies room, remover your underwear, walk back to the table and discreetly hand them to him.  You don’t need to say anything, just smile.  Wait until you have ordered or he may just want to skip the meal and take you home right then.

Other ways to tease him: 

  • Dress in clothes that you know he likes seeing you in, ones that you know he finds Thigh-high-lace-top-sheer-stockingenticing.
  • Get some thigh high stockings to wear, Let him see the tops. (You might want to consider leaving them on all night, I like it when my wife does.)
  • Fix yourself up nicer than you normally do.  He will notice the effort and appreciate it.
  • Have something delivered to him at work, something he will understand but won’t embarrass him or you.  (However, guys love it when others know that their wife is doing something special for him.)
  • When you are with him, touch him as much as you can, but make them little touches, touch his arm, his legs, his chest, kissing his cheek, it will build more anticipation.
  • Stare into his eyes, smile those wonderful mischievous flirty smiles that you used to smile at him when you were dating. You know the ones where your eyes are smiling as much as your lips are.

If you do more than a couple of the above ideas, your man will love it, and will love the effort that you are putting out for him.  He will feel like a million bucks and I can almost guarantee that he will do his best to make you feel like a million buck right back at you.

That is one of the nice things about Rockin’ His World, normally he will Rock Your World right back at you!