April Fool’s Addition of Make Out Monday, Err Tuesday

I am a big fan of Tim Hawkins, I think he is really funny and he amazes how well he can imitate various rock stars.  I have to admit this is not Make Out Music, but it is funny and hey, we need to be able to laugh more in our lives.  BTW – I selected a few of his songs, but I would recommend you spend a little while checking out his other videos.  We own a couple of his concert DVDs and no matter how many times I see them, they always make me laugh. (No, I am not affiliated with Tim Hawkins in any way, just love the guy.)

Tim Hawkins

Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife

Inappropriate Wedding Songs

Hey There Delilah Parody

New Chick-fil-A Song



Make Out Monday – America, Bread, & The Eagles

When I was a kid, I used to make cassette tapes that included my favorite songs.  One of my favorite tapes had three groups on it – America, Bread, & The Eagles.  Not only was it one of my favorite tapes, but it seemed like most of the girls I dated also loved that tape.  CDs & now MP3s have thankfully replaced cassette tapes, but I have to say, the music is still some of may favorite music out there.  I hope you enjoy these songs also!


Bread – Baby I’m A Want You

The Eagles – The Best Of My Love

Make Out Monday – A Touch of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – I think that is Patrick was alive today, he would be upset with how his holiday is celebrated.  He would not like the idea of people using his life and his ministry for an excuse to get plastered.  However, I get the feeling that he would like the idea of a husband and a wife spending time together, maybe some hugs and kisses.  And if Patrick’s celibacy prevented him from understanding and appreciating it, I know that God would approve and much rather we celebrate this day with marital love than with with too much green beer and Irish whiskey.

Here is a play list from Enya, an Irish singer who has one of the most haunting and soothing voices I know.  I hope you can find some time to gather your spouse in your arms and enjoy part or all of this play list:


Disclaimer:  I try to make sure that all of the songs that I post are appropriate for Christians.  I try to screen them both for lyrical content and video content.  One this project because of the length of the play list, I did not get all the way through it.  I hope that everything will be appropriate – but if not I apologize and would like to hear from you what you found and why it was objectionable, so I can keep from repeating the error.

Make Out Monday – Something from this Century

I know, I am an Oldies Fan.  It is the music of my childhood, the music that speaks to me the clearest, and it is the music I know the best. (Well, with the possible exception of worship music, but I can’t see posting a steady diet of worship music to Make Out Monday – not that it would be wrong for a married couple to make out to worship music – God did create sex after all and is glad when you make out.)  Wow, what a turkey trot that was, sorry!  Anyway, I thought I would post some newer music this week and it led me to listening to some Adele, I find her voice very haunting and I thought you might like to cuddle up with your sweetie tonight and check out these offerings from her!

Adele – Lovesong

Adele – Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

Adele – Make You Feel My Love

Disclaimer:  I try to screen the videos I post on RockHisWorld and make sure that they are not objectionable in any way to those who watch them.  I wish to apologize to anyone who may be offended by the content of any of the videos I post.  I will sometimes miss things, either in the lyrics or the graphics.  Please forgive me if I miss something, it is not intentional!

Make Out Monday – Sweet Home Alabama

Nope, not the song, (but it is a great song) but the group.  Alabama is one of the groups that I think really helped country music become more main stream and reach to a wider audience.  These are three great love songs.

Alabama – Feels So Right

Alabama – Forever’s As Far As I’ll Go

LOVE IN THE FIRST DEGREE – Luke Bryan and Alabama



Make Out Monday – Taking a Little Journey

I was cleaning out my office today and found an old Journey CD that I inherited from some where.  I looked that the songs on there and thought, hey, a couple of these are good for Make out Monday.  BTW – try not to laugh at the hair.  Why did we ever think that was cool?

Journey – Faithfully

Journey – Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ –
Yes, you can look at this song and say, it is not strictly a love song because there are the break-up elements in it. And you would be right, but at that same time, it is also a warning, that we need to draw closer to our spouse in order to keep those things from happening.  

Extra – Extra

Journey – Any Way You Want It

A reminder that we all need to be more selfless.