Weekly Picks

I thought I would add something new to Rock His World.  No it is not my football picks around-the-worldfor the week, (although I would pick the Broncos over the Jaguars – sorry non-football fans and Jag fans!).  No, I find a lot of great information around the web and I thought that I ought to share some of it with you.  I am going to share with you articles I have found around the web (Mostly among the Christian Marriage Blogs) that I think are ones you should definitely take a look at.  They will not be in any particular order.  Some weeks there will be more links than others, this will have more to do with how busy I am than what great articles where written during the week.

This Weeks Picks:

Please, take a look at these, think it will be worth your time.

Have a Great Weekend!!♥