Loving Kisses

lipstick_kissI like to talk about loving kisses a lot.  I believe that if you really want to make your spouse happy, you need to give them a lot of loving kisses.  You should give them these kisses in the morning, at night, and any time in you see each other between morning and night.  Loving kisses are kisses that communicate love to each other.

Before I describe my idea of a loving kiss, let me give you a few examples of what a loving kiss is not.  A loving kiss is not any of the following:

  • A kiss so quick that you are not really sure that you touched lips or not.
  • A kiss given only so you can get away from your spouse.
  • A kiss given in anger.
  • A kiss where 99% of your attention is focused on something else.

Let’s face it, we have all had kisses like that and we have all given them.  The problem is they all ring hollow in expressing feelings.  If you get one like that, you probably thought at the time, “What was the point?”

What is a loving kiss? First of all, there are many types of loving kisses, not just one. I know that everyone will have their own definition of what constitutes a loving kiss is.  I am going to list some of mine, if I missed one of yours, please share it in the comments section, you might inspire the rest of us to add a new kiss or two.

Here’s what I think are loving kisses:

  • Kisses that take at least 3 seconds.  (I know it is not long, but let’s face it, we don’t kiss-291always have time for 30 second or longer kisses.)
  • Kisses that involve hugs.
  • Kisses that involve other touches, such as rubbing his cheek with you hand or hold hands or playing with hair.
  • Kisses with the lips open, maybe even sucking a little on each others lips.
  • A kiss where all your attention is focused on the kiss that you are giving your spouse.
  • Of course the stand-bye French kiss.
  • Ultimately, it is any type of kiss that your mate loves to receive. (Personally, I am partial to kisses where our mouths are slightly open and we lightly such on each other’s lips.)

There is another type of kiss that is not a loving kiss; that is any kiss that makes your spouse feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.  That could involve any of the following:

  • Open mouth kissing in places or settings where it would not be appropriate, such as a business meeting or at family friendly event.
  • A kiss that is given for a selfish or manipulative reason.
  • A kiss given from someone who has poor hygiene – either bad breath or body odor.
  • Also any type of kiss that your spouse does not like. (I love to put chocolate in my mouth and kiss my wife when it starts to melt, putting the chocolate in her mouth, she hates that.  I don’t even think about that one anymore, because I want to please her.)

A loving kiss is simply that, it is a sign of love, a sign of caring, a way of showing your love to the one that you do love.  Life is short, give up on the kisses that don’t show love and start giving only loving kisses.  The benefits will far out weigh the rewards!