Make Out Monday – Something from this Century

I know, I am an Oldies Fan.  It is the music of my childhood, the music that speaks to me the clearest, and it is the music I know the best. (Well, with the possible exception of worship music, but I can’t see posting a steady diet of worship music to Make Out Monday – not that it would be wrong for a married couple to make out to worship music – God did create sex after all and is glad when you make out.)  Wow, what a turkey trot that was, sorry!  Anyway, I thought I would post some newer music this week and it led me to listening to some Adele, I find her voice very haunting and I thought you might like to cuddle up with your sweetie tonight and check out these offerings from her!

Adele – Lovesong

Adele – Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

Adele – Make You Feel My Love

Disclaimer:  I try to screen the videos I post on RockHisWorld and make sure that they are not objectionable in any way to those who watch them.  I wish to apologize to anyone who may be offended by the content of any of the videos I post.  I will sometimes miss things, either in the lyrics or the graphics.  Please forgive me if I miss something, it is not intentional!

Do Some Exploring Together.

Romantic KissesEach of us have spots that make us tingle with joy.  Sometimes it is the light feathery touch of a finger that brings that tingle, other times, other spots it is the firmer touch of the fingers, or whole hand that brings that same pleasure.  Other times, other parts of the body bring out those shivers, smiles, and sighs.  Sometimes, it’s the lips that do the trick, sometimes the tongue, sometimes eyelashes, sometimes teeth, and of course the possibilities are almost endless.

I believe that happy, healthy couples learn where those spots are on each other.  They have taken the time to explore each other, they have taken the time to experiment, they have learned how to make each other happy and they take much joy in doing that.

I think it is important for you and your husband to spend time learning each other’s pleasure spots.  It is important that you do this together, that you learn his spots and that you let him learn yours. Spend time playing together, spend time talking, and learn together.

Almost every guy I know, wants to know those spots on his wife.  Husbands, at least the vast majority, want to able to make their wives very happy in bed.  They get as muchWomen pleasure, in many case more pleasure bring their wife pleasure than they do their own.  So it is important that you let him learn your pleasure spots.  Teach him, he wants to learn.  Teach him, that it is not formula, that it is not 3 minutes here, 5 minutes there, and then an explosion.  Teach him that it takes time, that it takes variety, that what blew your socks off last week, may not do the same thing this week, yet it may bring about an even greater explosion next week.  Teach him what he wants to learn, what he needs to learn.  He will be grateful.  But also, learn what you can about him.

No matter where you are in your relationship, there is still more that you can learn about each other.  I am willing to bet that you more learn about each other physically the closer you will grown to each other in all areas.  Sometimes the first time you try something, one of you may not enjoy it that much, however, the next time, you may both love it.  However, always be sensitive to each other’s limits – we all have them and that is a good thing.

Something that is fun to do, when you know the spots that effect him, discretely touch one of those spots while you are at dinner or at a BBQ, it will have him thinking about you and smiling the rest of the evening.

How to Initiate Sex even if you are Shy

I know that a lot of women are shy when it comes to initiating sex.  This comes from several things, women have been told good girls don’t initiate sex, it comes from fear of rejection, but whatever the reason, wives should initiate sex some of the time.  Your husband loves it when you do, it makes him feel loved and very, very special.

If you are shy and unsure how to initiate sex here are a few suggestions:

  • Wear some sexy lingerie to bed – I can almost guarantee that this alone will cause the average husband to respond to you.
  • Sensuous kisses are always a good way.  Truly passionate kisses will send pink_lips-t2messages that speak louder than words.  Don’t forget that you can passionately kiss more than just his mouth, throat, neck, ear, chest, nipples, are all spots that will work also. (If you have not found those spots on your husband, time to do some exploring.)
  • One nice thing is while you are hugging or cuddling is to take his hand and place it some place on your body where you both like his hands and he knows you are saying, “I want to go further.”
  • Another possibility is to take his hand and direct him to slow start caressing you, it can be any place that you like, my wife likes me to rub her stomach.  If she starts my hands moving and then does something like caressing me, kissing me, or even just making those little purring like moans she makes, I know what she is thinking.
  • Of course you can always just put your hands someplace on him that you both enjoy your hands being.

Sometimes wives think they are sending a signal to their husband, that they want to make love and are initiating it, but the husband does not get the message (we guys don’t always get the subtle difference between this is “just a cuddle night” and “let’s make love”) and then the wife feels rejected, when in reality he would have been excited to make love. This is why communication with your husband is so important. Talking to him about how you could initiate sex would be a good conversation to have with your husband: This is one conversation that your husband will love having.  It is amazing to me that most women love to talk about every under the sun, except sex and at the same time, that is one conversation that your husband would love to have with you. Here are some things you might discuss with him:

  • Tell him you are shy, but that you still want to initiate love making sometimes.
  • Ask him for some suggestions on ways that you can, as a shy person let him know you want to make love.
  • You could decide on a code or code word that would let him know your intention. Something like, “tigress,” or “baked Alaska” or whatever you feel comfortable saying could send the message you want.
  • One code could be as simple as wearing pearls (I love a woman in pearls) or a special hair clip or anything else you feel comfortable with using as a signal.
  • It could also be something like you lighting candles in your room or turning down the bed – that could be the code.

I am sure that if you talk with your husband, he will be thrilled and will do what he can to help you find a way to make passes at him.  Also, just knowing that you are thinking about it will make him happy and encourage him.

Some other things that you may consider doing:

  • Offer to give him a massage – it is always something that a man will love and will Sex-sin-article-picget him excited at the same time. You may want to check out my Ultimate Massage post if you have not read it.
  • Whisper things in his ear – almost anything will work because almost anything whispered in the ear will sound sexy.
  • Notes & Texts also work nicely; again this is a great place for code words.
  • Going commando and letting him you are going commando is also a good idea. (Nice thing, if you are shy about going commando all day long, don’t go commando until a little bit before bed – let’s you be comfortable all day long and still turns him on.)

The biggest thing is to find something that works for you.  Find something that you are comfortable with and something that sends the signal that you are trying to send.  It does not have to be fancy, it just needs to communicate, “Honey, I would love to make love to you tonight!”  That is a message he will love to hear!!

Make Him Think About You All Day Long: The Art of Flirting & Anticipation

Do you want to keep him thinking about you all day long?  I know I love that feeling, when my wife is teasing me, making me think about her.  It makes the day longer and shorter at the same time.  On the days that she flirts or teases me, I can’t wait to get home and push her against the wall and kiss her like I mean it! The rest will probably have to wait until the kids are in bed, etc., but anticipation gets my blood racing turns a fun day into a flirty evening, ending in a passionate night.

Here are some ways to do it:

Just as you are get ready to say goodbye in the morning, give him your biggest, RomanceCouple-240most enthusiastic kiss.  Make it long and sensual, hold him tight, maybe even grab his butt and grind into his body as you kiss him.  You could whisper something in his ear like, “That is just a sample of what I have planed for tonight.”  For an extra nice touch be wearing some red lipstick.  You might mention to him that he might need to get clean his lips off before he gets to work.

Send him some flirty, suggestive texts through the day: Start slow and with each text build a little more excitement. (BTW – I am fan of flirty texts, but I worry about actual sexting, it seems from time to time these private messages become public. I would rather not take the chance.)  Use little codes that only you and he would know.  Some things you can tell him: How much you love him. How happy you are that you are married to him. How you love how excited he makes you feel sometimes. How much you crave and want him. How you plan to show him how much you love him that night. You could remind him of one of your past exciting nights, such as, “Remember that night in FL when we celebrated our anniversary… I think you get the point.

Send him a picture of you that is flirty: Like with texting, I don’t suggest anything that 554072_2925582374173_1209709768_nis too sexual, something that you are afraid that your mom or kids will see one day. However, there are a lot of great ways to send a picture that will fire up his imagination and cause him to have his mind on you all day. I think this picture is a good example of what you can do in a picture and drive him wild.  With a picture like that one, he will be in a daze all day.  The eyes and the smile communicate volumes.

Wear some sexy underwear: Make sure he knows what you are wearing all day.  You could flash him in the morning before he goes to work.  You could just leave it out on 6787639773_bfdcb897a4_nthe bed while you are in the shower so he would see it and know you were going to wear it.  A phone call to let him know at lunch, “Honey, you know that matching purple bra and panty set you like so much?  Well, I am wearing right now and thinking of you.”  He may drop the phone.  If there is a way you can see him during the day and flash him there without embarrassing either of you or endangering jobs or reputations, that is also wonderful.

Want to do something at dinner (or lunch) to Rock His World:  At lunch or dinner, after you both order, excuse yourself to the ladies room, remover your underwear, walk back to the table and discreetly hand them to him.  You don’t need to say anything, just smile.  Wait until you have ordered or he may just want to skip the meal and take you home right then.

Other ways to tease him: 

  • Dress in clothes that you know he likes seeing you in, ones that you know he finds Thigh-high-lace-top-sheer-stockingenticing.
  • Get some thigh high stockings to wear, Let him see the tops. (You might want to consider leaving them on all night, I like it when my wife does.)
  • Fix yourself up nicer than you normally do.  He will notice the effort and appreciate it.
  • Have something delivered to him at work, something he will understand but won’t embarrass him or you.  (However, guys love it when others know that their wife is doing something special for him.)
  • When you are with him, touch him as much as you can, but make them little touches, touch his arm, his legs, his chest, kissing his cheek, it will build more anticipation.
  • Stare into his eyes, smile those wonderful mischievous flirty smiles that you used to smile at him when you were dating. You know the ones where your eyes are smiling as much as your lips are.

If you do more than a couple of the above ideas, your man will love it, and will love the effort that you are putting out for him.  He will feel like a million bucks and I can almost guarantee that he will do his best to make you feel like a million buck right back at you.

That is one of the nice things about Rockin’ His World, normally he will Rock Your World right back at you!