Make Out Monday – America, Bread, & The Eagles

When I was a kid, I used to make cassette tapes that included my favorite songs.  One of my favorite tapes had three groups on it – America, Bread, & The Eagles.  Not only was it one of my favorite tapes, but it seemed like most of the girls I dated also loved that tape.  CDs & now MP3s have thankfully replaced cassette tapes, but I have to say, the music is still some of may favorite music out there.  I hope you enjoy these songs also!


Bread – Baby I’m A Want You

The Eagles – The Best Of My Love


4 thoughts on “Make Out Monday – America, Bread, & The Eagles

  1. These really bring back happy & sad memories of my teen years in the 70’s. I think I had all of Bread and David Gates Albums in that decade. I tried to teach my steady girl to slow dance with me to Baby I’m a Want You. (she’s now my wife of nearly 34 years ) Wish I could put those on and get her to make out with me now.

    • That was some great music. One night we were in this quiet secluded parking lot and we had that tape on and we danced for a while, it was fun. If you don’t have them on CD or MP3, go to (It is free to use if you have a facebook account) and you can listen to all the David Gates and Bread you want too.

      Maybe you can get her to slow dance and then maybe make out! It is worth a try!

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