What Dads Really Want

I know, it is a little late for this.  Sorry, it has been a busy week and I almost missed the fact that tomorrow is Father’s Day.  I started thinking about what I would really like for Father’s Day and then started thinking about what most dads would want for Father’s Day and this is what I cam up with.

Dads want to be respected.  Dads often feel like what they do for the family gets Respect-e1364325953688forgotten.  They sometimes feel like the family does not appreciate the long hours, the hassles, and the garbage that takes place in most jobs, yet dads have to put up with this because that is what dads do.

Dads don’t expect to be kings, ruling with impunity, but they do want their wife and their children to appreciate the sacrifices that they have to make.  Working long hours is not fun and most dads do it because they have to.  They don’t like missing the special things in the kids life like games and recitals.  They are as sadder about that (in most cases) than the kids are.

What does respect look like? Well I am sure it will mean different things to different men, but it comes down to a few things. – Be happy to see him when he is around.  – Show him affection, smiles, hugs and kiss speak a special language. – Don’t treat him like one of the kids, treat him like a man. – Give his thoughts and ideas careful consideration, never dismiss them out of hand.  – Don’t make him look bad in front of others.  – Make time for him when he asks, but respect his need for alone time when he asks for it.  – Help the kids to enjoy their dad, yet also learn when it is time to give dad a break.

If you can give those things to the dad in your life, it will make his day and make the kiss-291long hours he puts in for his family worth it.  That will Rock His World!

If you want to make his day extra special.  When you go to bed on Father’s day, give him a reminder of just how he became a father in the first place.  That also will Rock His World.